Additive Manufacturing News @ IN(3D)USTRY

We are proud and are looking forward to the opportunity to showcase our latest Additive Manufacturing (AM) Project at IN(3D)USTRY fair on 16th October 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. The project deals with the hybridisation of generatively designed polymer parts. Therefore, we combine the high degree of design freedom of various AM technologies with the high performance properties of Carbon fibres, benefiting from our 10+ years experience in fibre reinforced plastics. The result is not just a very light but functional technology demonstrator fulfilling all standard requirements.

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October 2018

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Matthias Walkner and KTM win Rally Dakar 2018!

Our congratulations to our colleague Matthias and the KTM Team on their victory at one of the most difficult and hardest Dakars. 

Again, Rally Dakar demonstrated that reliable navigation is decisive for the race. The newly designed KTM 450 RALLY received a topologically- and structurally-optimised navigation unit of highly functional carbon fibre lightweight not only making the motorbike lighter and more reliable but also increasing considerably the serviceability.
In addition, KTM Technologies supported further topics as development partner. Due to the development of a bespoke plastic tank, lowering the overall centre of gravity, the handling of the bike was improved. Furthermore, the top speed could be enhanced by an aerodynamically optimised windshield which also reduced the fatigue of the rider. The light and stable carbon fibre motor protection, designed especially for the Dakar, safe guarded the bike successfully from major damage. (Photo:

We wish our „Hiasi“ all the best and continued success!



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Cooperation with Christian Doppler Laboratory

Since the beginning of 2018 KTM Technologies became commercial partner of the Christian Doppler laboratory for structural strength control of lightweight constructions ( The planned research activities in Module III Additive Manufactured Structures reach from development of robust structures to examination of possible methods for fault detection.

In this context, the Johannes Kepler University Linz is looking for a research associate who would also have the possibility of writing a dissertation (

January 2018

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New Laser-Sinter Machine for KTM Technologies

We are proud to announce the implementation of an EOS P396 laser-sinter machine. Having additive manufacturing technology - commonly known as ‘3D-printing’ - in house we are able to unleash new potentials in terms of lightweight design development processes. These include ideation, design, simulation as well as time efficient production of highly complex parts.

Always being up-to-date concerning visionary development and production methods, we are looking forward to expanding our expertise in this pioneering technology. An exciting time to come!

October 2017

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KTM Technologies at the Salzburger Businesslauf 2017

The “Salzburger Businesslauf” already took place for the 11th time and for the first time this year KTM Technologies was represented. Despite rain and cold temperatures 7 teams of 3 persons each successfully fought for every second. The 4000 participants could choose between two routes. The 5.9km long run led through the old town and the Mönchsberggarage, while the new Q-Trail led over the city mountains of Salzburg. Both routes finally ended together in the centre of Salzburg, the Domplatz.

After just 25 minutes our fastest runners already crossed the finishing line. Afterwards the great results were celebrated at the Stieglkeller. Congratulations to all KTM Technologies teams.

September 2017

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New technology project F.O.R.C.E. to be displayed at Composite Europe 2017

Benefits of hybridization: Sustainable structural component with Class-A-Surface (reference part: roof Porsche 918)

Project F.O.R.C.E. (Fusionof Optimized Reinforcementsand Composite Evolution)aims at a sustainable structural component suitable for mass production, meeting highest demands in terms of Class-A surface finish. The combination of the two technologies Prepreg Compression Moulding (PCM) and Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) lead to a 300% stiffness improvement at the same weight, as well as 33% lower cost, compared to the current lightweight roof produced in Low Pressure Resin Transfer Moulding  (LP-RTM) technology.

Project partners: Wethje Carbon Composites GmbH / Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fiber and Composite GmbH

Project F.O.R.C.E. @ Composite Europe 2017 - 19-21 September 2017

Exhibitor: Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fiber and Composite GmbH 

Booth: 6/C30


Further KTM-Technologies projects shown at Composite Europe 2017:

Exhibition of a new generation of motorcycle skidplates made from carbon fibre (SMC technology) / Exhibitor: Wethje Carbon Composites GmbH

Booth: 6/E04


Exhibition of project R.A.C.E. including our unique CAVUS technology / Exhibitor: Institut für Flugzeugbau/ Universtität Stuttgart 

Booth: 4/C04 

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R.A.C.E. Experience

Due to the strong demand and the high presence in the media, all project partners of the R.A.C.E project met once again for an exclusive event at the ENGEL Lightweight Center (St. Valentin). The project R.A.C.E. and future projects were discussed in a detailed and solution-oriented manner with selected invitees. Each day was topped off with a live production of the licenseplate holder and a race event on the Magna test track (St. Valentin). Here, visitors were offered an X-Bow R including racing driver Reinhard Kofler and two E-Freeride EXC for their own race experience.

August 2017

Foto: Hennecke

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CAVUS & Project R.A.C.E. in the media

Serial production of complex, structural and hollow lightweight components

After the successful live serial production at the K 2016, the project R.A.C.E. and the technology CAVUS are still present in our media.

Not only the first edition of the CCeV magazine (01/17) reports about the "coveted lightweight construction via an Inside Out design", but also the March editions of the PLASTVERARBEITER (03/17) and the FAPU (03/17 ) provide interesting insights into the technology and our approach. 

April 2017 


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3rd Issue - RESOLVE Newsletter

RESOLVE has just passed its mid-course and the highly innovative concept behind the project - with KTM Technologies as one of the main project partners - is on its way to become concrete. Find more information in the latest newsletter!

February 2017

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16th consecutive victory of the Dakar Rally for KTM

Sam Sunderland (GBR) and his team colleague Matthias Walkner (AUT) from the Red Bull KTM factory team finished this year's Dakar Rally on 1st and 2nd place. Gerard Farres Guell from Spain finished third and completed the KTM podium.

Photographer: Bauer E./RallyZone

January 2017


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KTM Technologies auf der SIMVEC 2016

Die SIMVEC 2016 findet dieses Jahr vom 22.-23. November 2016 in Baden-Baden statt.Der Vortrag von Markus Kellermeyer, CADFEM GmbH,  Dr. Martin Perterer, KTM Technologies GmbH und Prof. Dr. Sandro Wartzack, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg befasst sich mit dem Thema "Optimierung von Faserverbundwerkstoffen unter Berücksichtigung streuender Felder". 

Die Robustheit von Faserverbundstrukturen gegenüber Streuungen bei gleichzeitig geringem Gewicht stellt eine wesentliche Herausforderung beim Serieneinsatz dieser Werkstoffe dar. Es sind geeignete Simulationsmethoden erforderlich, um flächig streuende Parameter quantifizieren und bewerten zu können. Dieses Vorgehen wird anhand eines strukturellen Bauteils des KTM Rallye Dakar Motorrads, nämlich dem Roadbookträger, gezeigt. 

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CAVUS Technology live at the K 2016

Watch serial production live using the CAVUS technology at the K 2016, the world’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber.

You will find us at Hall 13 / B63 HENNECKE from 19th to 26th of October 2016 in Düsseldorf.

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Award winning employees

The excellent work of our employees is not only recognised within KTM-Technologies but also honored by third parties. 

This year Michael Wilhelm received the 2016 study prize of the CCeV with his bachelor thesis “Technology development for high-volume production of structural CFRP hollow parts with a removable core„ – also known as the CAVUS technology, that he developed together with KTM-Technologies. 

In recent years former employees also received prices for their innovative work. Manuel Frank won the FH Wels Innovation Award 2013 and Matthias Kölbel was given the BIC Förderpreis in 2015. KTM-Technologies is proud to enable and promote such outstanding achievements in our daily challenging field of work. 

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We mourn the loss of Hannes Arch

Our thoughts are with his girlfriend Miriam, his family and his friends.

With great thankfulness we are looking back to a rewarding cooperation with Hannes. He was always a great inspiration to us – personally as well as professionally. Rest in peace, dear Hannes. 

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Second newsletter of the EU HORIZON 2020 funded RESOLVE project

The second newsletter of the RESOLVE project (Range of Electric Solutions for L-category Vehicles) is available. The foundation for the design and development phase is laid. The RESOLVE team did a user survey about general aspects of electric L-vehicles and specific HMI topics and drew up a plan for the exploitation of the project results during the last months. 

Furthermore they have devoted a strong effort in identifying potential opportunities for exploi­tation of project results, defined implementation criteria, potential market impact and advisable develop­ments of policies involving Electric Vehicles.

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Title story in the new RDO Journal - supported by KTM Technologies


The extended capabilities of Statistic on Structures can process and analyse spatially or temporally distributed product parameters for a realistic simulation and evaluation of the design performance. The title story in the new  RDO Journal by dynardo supported by KTM Technologies.

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Room for creativity

Due to the constant growth of KTM-Technologies we moved to a new office building at St. Leonharder Straße 2 in Anif - just next door to the former office. After a complete renovation of the building, the finishing touches were completed during the last few weeks. We are happy to welcome you now in our new creative workspace.

Our new address is KTM-Technologies GmbH, St. Leonharder Straße 2, 5081 Anif, Austria.

Our phone number +43 6246 73488 – 9000 as well as our e-mail address remain the same.

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Hannes Arch at the Red Bull Ring

Hannes Arch, the Flying Bulls and the Eurofighters delivered a fantastic flight show during the “Formula 1 Großer Preis von Österreich” in Spielberg. 

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Completion of the 1000th KTM X-Bow

The unique super sportscar X-Bow is being manufactured at the KTM production plant in Graz for already 8 years. In June 2016 the 1000th X-Bow was successfully completed.

The completion of the anniversary model was reason for a press conference where the first model of the new X-Bow R with a complete facelift was also presented. KTM is planning to introduce the X-Bow to the US-market in 2017.

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THE CAVUS PROJECT - Winner of the JEC Innovation Award 2016

„THE CAVUS PROJECT“ – structural hollow parts with innovative core technology – WINNER of this year’s JEC INNOVATION AWARD Category RTM!

The award ceremony took place during the JEC fair in Paris in March 2016. Congratulations to the CAVUS-Team!

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2nd Ricardo Motorcycle Conference

An Effort to Make Electric L-Vehicles Attractive: Challenges of the RESOLVE Project

Dr.-Ing. Martin Perterer/KTM Technologies, Dr. Marco Pieve/Piaggio S.p.A., 16th November 2015, Milan

The RESOLVE project aims at enabling the development of a range of 
cost-effective, energy efficient and comfortable ELVs (Electric L-category  Vehicles)  that  will primarily  attract  ICE  car  drivers to  switch to ELVs for daily urban commutes. The RESOLVE  consortium is optimally positioned to drive such innovations: PIAGGIO and KTM are the two largest LV manufacturers  in the EU, where the complete ELV value chain is represented and complemented by top component suppliers and universities.  

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ANSYS Convergence Webinar

Suitable Simulation Tools for the Development of a CFRP Sports Car

September 30, 2015 at 11 AM EDT, 3 PM GMT

Due to their high specific stiffness and strength, an increasing number of fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) are being used for automotive and motorcycle parts to increase performance and reduce weight. Simulation is needed to ensure the integrity of these new structures and components when mechanically loaded. And, of course, simulation replaces the outdated build-and-test method of product development, so it will help you get your new products to the market faster than your competitors.

Further information and registration

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Metal substitution in motorcycles

Motorcycle engineering is increasingly turning to plastic

Motorcycle weight has a direct impact on driving dynamics and handling. Therefore, lightweight engineering is a big topic in the motorcycle industry. Individual components have far more bearing and functional tasks. Playing with the geometrical flexibility and reducing costs are clearly defined goals in motorcycle engineering.

Lecture held by Martin Mitterer at the VDI Congress – "Plastic in automobile manufacture" in Mannheim (GER), 18.-19. March 2015

Articel appearing in "K-Zeitung Special vehicle manufacturing"

Authors: Martin Mitterer, Dr.-Ing. Martin Perterer, Johannes Schreckeneder

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Five-time Rally Dakar winner visits KTM-Technologies

Only few weeks after having crossed the finish line as five-time winner of the Rally Dakar, Mark Coma paid a visit to KTM Technologies and Kiska in Salzburg. The two companies were involved in the continuous development of the KTM Rally 450 and have thus contributed to countless Dakar wins in a row. The staff took the opportunity to exchange information, get first-hand experiences and therefore to continue the success story.

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Final presentations FH Joanneum Graz

Towards the end of WS 2014/2015, industrial design students of the FH Joanneum presented their projects developed together with Kiska for KTM. Under the slogan "Have Pride in Your Ride", the students were asked to develop concepts for the mobility of young people on two wheels. They had the opportunity to present their projects to KTM CEO Stefan Pierer, KTM-Technologies CEOs Peter Martin, Philipp Habsburg and Gerald Kiska and other interested listeners here in Salzburg. The results and the students’ creativity impressed all attendants.

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Technology Day

KTM Technologies and CADFEM invite you

March 19, 2015 - KTM Technologies, St. Leonharder Straße 4, 5081 Salzburg/Anif (AT)

The Technology Day provides opportunities to learn something about composite simulation, right on the spot where it is being used successfully every day. In the premises of KTM Technologies you get a helpful insight into the development and design of composite components by means of simulation. The company presents the daily application of simulation and experts give you the opportunity of information exchange.

Further information and registration

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