Simulation for CFRP components

An integrated development process for HP-RTM parts and efficient use of simulation for CFRP components

Having developed an integrated process for RTM parts, KTM-Technologies presented the project „Production of the KTM X-Bow latch cover by HP- RTM processing“ at the international plastics trade fair K2013. The project was

realized with partners Engel, BASF, Langer, Wethje and Hennecke. Setting up a reliable process within the period of 6 months requires thorough preliminary considerations and a close cooperation of all disciplines involved.

The process commences by pre-selecting materials according to their mechanical properties, followed by the technical part design with regards to expected loads. After that, the material is characterized as to its properties relevant for draping and filling.

An integral part of the process are the preliminary tests performed with sample tools at the KTM-Technologies workshop. From these preliminary tests, process parameters can be deduced for serial production. The simulation methodology is validated by recording processing data, performing aborted tests and parallel filling simulations of the test plate mould.

Presentation at the exhibit

Detailed view of the material

Simulation at the component

In order to optimize the latch cover filling process, different injection strategies are evaluated. The virtual examinations have several benefits: the injection strategy can be optimized for the existing tool concept. Also, the area filled last can be moved towards the vacuum module, avoiding air pockets. Draping analysis and reconciliation are another part of the integral process.

The following transfer of the fibre distortion into the filling simulation increases the filling simulation‘s predictability further. At last, the latch cover filling simulation is revalidated with the real filling. Comparison of the partial filling grade of a test plate mould with the simulation flow front confirms whether there is a good match or not.






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