KTM Technologies

KTM 450 Rally

  • Navigation Tower

    Innovative CFRP light weight construction with integrated navigation technology and lights

  • Skid Plate

    Hybrid skid plate made out of CFRP, AFRP and elastomer with integrated water tank

  • Tanks

    Three individually controllable tanks for ideal weight distribution of the fuel and improved gravity center

  • Bodywork

    Extremely slim bodywork for convincing ergonomics

  • Windshield

    Aerodynamically mature windshield for targeted air duct and perfect sight for the rider

17 times Dakar winner

faster - stronger - lighter

KTM Technologies also contributed to this generation of winning bike, and actively supported the success of Matthias Walkner.         


When developing the latest generation, the focus was on better handling, improved ergonomics and increased top speed. 

For this, the overall vehicle center of gravity was optimised by rearranging the fuel tank layout, alongside developing significantly slimmer bodywork. This allows the rider improved handling, especially in the technically challenging sections. 

The top speed was increased by an aerodynamicallly optimised windshield with integrated intake duct, which also reduces rider fatigue over long distances whilst delivering more motor power.

Winning bike of this year´s Dakar!

KTM 450 Rally Model 2018
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Navigation tower with aerodynamic windshield
(c) KTM/Future7Media

Structural simulation of the navigation tower
(c) KTM / Future7Media

The innovative, topology and layer structure optimised CFRP navigation tower does not only noticeably reduce the total weight of the motor bike but also offers - just in case - an outstanding crash performance as well as considerably increased serviceability for the mechanics.


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KTM 450 Rally

The latest generation is a complete new development and excels in technical innovations.



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