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Professional development services provided by specialists in concept development, lightweight construction and carbon composite technology

Our creativity, specific innovative methods and extensive manufacturing experience allows us to create high added-value solutions, from the initial idea to the final product. Apart from our industrial automotive focus, so we realize projects for Sectors: such as manufacturing, aviation, consumer goods and sports. benefit from extensive to integrated development process and our know-how!

Concept development

The foundation for at optimum product is laid early on, falling on the conceptual phase. We virtually develop goal-oriented product-concepts and prototype if necessary based on technical and economical parameters.

The intensive, multi-disciplinary collaboration in between the design, development and production departments allows innovative development results while avoiding many developing development loops. The great advantage of this approach lies in the parallel implementation of key aspects: such as design, technology, feasibility and economy.

Generating ideas and evaluating as a team. Creating concepts and deriving the Key Sketch
From the first design sketch we can deliver the finished show car or functional model in record time
Design and ergonomic models are built to several scales and types (clay, foam, wood, ...)


and Construction


    Our development services for different fields of expertise focus on the connection in between automotive engineering know-how and long-term experience in the field of lightweight-construction and composites. Our spectrum includes components, systems, as well as complete products. Our service portfolio covers the complete development process including technical and economic feasibility-study. Based on the respectivement technical automotive standards we utilise the latest tools: such as Catia V5, Creo and Windchill PDM data management for our achievements.


    and simulation

    • Static dimensioning of fiber composite structures
    • Simulation of manufacturing and processes
    • Flow simulation (CFD)
    • Crash simulation

    Structural calculation is the essential tool used for developing lightweight structures with maximum stability, rigidity and minimum weight.

    The efficient design of high-performance structures is at the focus of the development process. When it comes to composite materials, simulation represents a particularly vital tool in order to guarantee ideal force flux of complex designs. The flexible combination of different simulations and calculations, paired with technical know-how allows the development of complex virtual systems. We use various simulation tools, including multi-body simulation, process, structural, crash and CFD calculations. Our expertise ranges from production engineering and structural mechanics to driving- and aerodynamics.

    Crah simulation


    development and prototype manufacturing

    Our main focus in technology development is new processes for industrializing composite technology. Our fully equipped technical workshop allows us to run many processes in-house and offer a complete system solution from a single source. The realization of functional prototypes or show is another focus.

    We manufacture further prototypes and functional products and vehicles, as well as test specimens for material characterization. Apart from established fiber and matrix systems, we investigate new combinations and processes. Practical experiments and tests are complemented by process simulation for validation.

    • Manufacturing and process development of Prepreg-, RTM and Moulding Techniques
    • Development of Class-A compatible composite systems
    • In-house laboratory ("Technikum") with HD-RTM equipment
    • Research co-operations
    • Coating technologies - PIMC
    Tools for sample sheets:

    sheets made of variable material combinations for production of hand sheets and test pieces. In the RTM process, reinforcement textiles are infused either with epoxy resin or by using polyurethane systems. Prepregs are pressed into a number of stacking sequences, the thickness is variably adjustable. Integrated sensors ensure monitoring of parameters: such as pressure and temperature.

    Testing and material characterization

    The development of high-performance structures requires extensive knowledge of mechanical and physical properties of materials used.

    Destructive and non-destructive testing form the basis of material and componental characterization on a sample and parts level.

    Flexure testing
    Material testing
    • Mechanical material characterization*
      in collaboration with partners
    • Material development
    • Non-destructive testing*
      in collaboration with partners
    • Sample and component tests*
      in collaboration with partners


    We are pleased to offer you customized consultancy services related to any technical, economical or strategic questions about new products and their realization. As a "think tank", we support you in creating new and innovative solutions.

    Our expertise in high-performance composite materials ranges from material, application and product to technological implementation. We will be happy to conduct regular evaluations or feasibility studies for you.

    in the area of projectmanagement
    in the area of manufactoring
    in the area of engineering


    development process